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World Friendship House, a hostel for overseas students in Liverpool, was set up by the Reverend Sydney T Goddard and his wife Mrs Cicely Goddard in 1959. This venture had the support of the Lord Bishop of Liverpool at the time, Dr Clifford Martin. By the time the Hostel eventually closed in 1983, it had provided accommodation and care for students from 156 different countries and many faith backgrounds. World Friendship now continues to support international students in Liverpool institutions by making grants to help in cases of unexpected financial difficulty. We accept the Christian duty to care for those in need whatever their background and we are aware of the many problems which can arise for students far from home. In helping students to complete their courses and return home with the qualifications they sought, we also help the countries from which they have come.

We hope that by demonstrating practical Christian care for overseas students we can contribute to international friendship and understanding.

We are able to make one-off grants typically of about £500. Grants vary according to circumstances and to the funds we have available. We give priority to students from outside the European Union where help from us will make a difference to prospects of successfully completing their courses.

Please note the following points:

We help students at Liverpool institutions of higher education who are from overseas and who will return there afterwards, if they are experiencing problems which are unexpected and have arisen since the start of their course.

We make grants to students from any faith community.

Because our funds are limited our main focus is on students who are near the end of their courses.

We do not normally help students from the European Union.

We do not award scholarships, or sponsor students ourselves. For that reason, we do not accept individual applications from overseas. Our help is for those who are already studying in Liverpool.

We do not make grants to those whose institution of study is outside the Diocese of Liverpool.

To apply for a grant:--

International students at the University of Liverpool should apply via the University of Liverpool International Students Advisory Service.

International students at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine should apply via the Accommodation and Welfare Officer at the School.

International students at Liverpool John Moores University and LIPA should apply via the International Welfare Adviser.

International students at Liverpool Hope University should apply via Student Support and Wellbeing.

Our application forms are also available from the Chaplains at these universities

International students who are attending any OTHER institution of higher education in LIVERPOOL may use the e-mail link below to ask for an application form.

Email: Applications Secretary

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